Teun Seuren
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the Collection


My final project revolves around the idea of ‘hooligans’. I was particularly struck by the comeradery found in a ‘firm’, and the vulnerability that is associated with it. By enlarging some pieces of clothing, or enlarging the details on them I want to expose this certain vulnerability.

The movie ‘Hooligan’ by Lexi Alexander, in which a young boy gets in touch with a ‘firm’ inspired me. The movie often shows you the members of a gang hanging out together. When one of the members is left alone it often creates vulnerable moments. In one scene the protagonist is walking home by himself and gets beaten up by a rival gang. This made it clear to me that whilst hooligans are powerful and strong as a group, they can be defenseless or sensitive as an individual. This notion is represented throughout my collection.