Annebel de Kok
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

About the Collection


We all know that typical tourist: selfie stick, zip-off pants, camera around their neck and generally wearing clothes that are as comfortable as possible.

You can find loads of tips online on what to wear to avoid looking like a tourist, but trying to hide it is a lost cause. Whenever you say a word, everybody knows you’re not a local.

The ALL INCLUSIVE Collection provides a solution for the tourist who wants to be comfortable and confident.

Wearing this collection helps you create holiday pictures without you actually taking them.

These days, everything is captured and shared on social media anyway, so you don’t really need your own camera anymore. Instagram recognises The ALL INCLUSIVE Collection in photos, and automatically reposts them to the Instagram account the_all_inclusive_collection.

ALL INCLUSIVE uses mass tourism, image recognition technology and social media, to help you enjoy your new experiences without looking at a camera screen – you don’t need your selfie stick anymore!