Jasmijn Taken
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the collection

As a millennial I grew up in an analogue time which turned into this fast pacing digital era we live in today. We nowadays live in a more conceived society; a stylized world in which everything is thought up beforehand and constantly shared online. The differences between these worlds made me nostalgic for to the time before digitalisation. Inspired by the old photos and stories from my parents of the early 90’s I started my graduation collection. The atmosphere that comes from these photos and stories is something that I find very special; a normal and positive lifestyle. My father and pub friends on these photos have a certain comfortable & disinterested attitude. They do not seem to care what they look like and wear comfortable clothes. It shows a certain atmosphere from that zeitgeist (early 90’s) that I would describe as a non- stylized world and a casual feeling with a nonchalant attitude.

With WHATEVER FOREVER I show you an “I don’t care” look, unencumbered and nonchalant in a world that seems to revolve around perfection. By using custom designed materials, I create my own world with the recognizable items from the early 90’s translated into new silhouettes.

Photo: Joost Termeer