Marloes Blaas
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


A collection inspired by an individual group that is living an utopian life, in the forest. Away from the busy and high-pressure world. What happens with their clothes if they are worn day in day out? What transformation will they go through? Which shapes change or stay the same?


I grew up in a small town. We lived on the edge of it and behind our house was a forest with a lot of trees and bushes situated around a big swamp. Thinking of my childhood brings me automatically back to my forest. These long cherished summer days in the forest were the best. Just no worries and obligations.

In the forest, we often imagined we longed to a group. A group of runaways, our group! The fantasy and interpretation of how or what this group did, was for each group member personal. I imagined that we were actually living in our forest, in a large treehouse, with people who felt like me and loved like me. We were self-providing and independent, almost like grown-ups. We felt totally free. The only difference being grown-up, is the present.


I am ambitious, I love pressure and hard working, but once in a while, sometimes after a satback or just when I am feeling down. I find a little peace of mind and daze off. To join my runaways.