Rena Jansen
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

About the collection

My generation, best known as Gen Y or the Millennials, is often labelled as being entitled, lazy and childish. We tend to keep living at our parents’ house for as long as possible and we have trouble growing up and choosing a career. But we can’t live like this forever: soon the older generations will retire, and all the responsibility will be on us. So what will it be like when these child-at-hearts enter the professional world and get a boring desk job?

This collection is a visualisation of this near future. I used the grey suit jacket as an archetype for adulthood and mixed that together with shapes and colours inspired by my own drawings as a child. By disregarding how a suit should be worn and by constructing items as if a child drew the patterns, I strived to create a humorous yet eerie feeling. All the fabrics used in this collection are overstock, including the PVC which is leftover material from a bouncy house factory. In this collection I embody the childhood nostalgia millennial’s are known for, while acknowledging that this is not a sustainable state. Welcome to our future!

Photo: Hanna Jansen