Yaroslav Glazunov
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

About the collection

Intuism is the method of creating the intuitive haute couture garments.

Artist have to abstract all information sources for become to the information free dimension ( K.Malevich call this statement zero-point or black square). When the artist exists in a such dimension, he is able to use his clean intuition and turn into a source of randomness by himself. Therefore, when I start to create a clothing through the system of blind intuitive movements, I create the hack, i.e. I create a constant flow of eventual possibilities from a virtuality to our reality. And when the eventual extracted to a present reality, it freeze in random forms and structures of garments as result of this hack. That means, that these garments are free from design, the artist turns to a source.

With intuition and refusal of information he is generates “a moment of pure beauty.”

The hack consisted not only in the technique of intuitive clothing creation. This approach is hacking the system of five years of design education. Because the all searching process for right solutions is accelerated to the random moment! We throw in a trash mood board, sketching, toiles and etc.