Nada van Dalen
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


We are born as a stain, we will die and be a stain.


The concept for my collection finds its origin in Vienna during long walks around the city. Vienna is a beautiful city, but there is a strange atmosphere, I can hardly describe it. On a certain moment, when I was walking trough the city, I filmed the stains on the ground. Those stains had my attention; I had never seen a city with so many stains. For me the stains represented the strange feeling of the city. Vienna is a city full of stained beauty, literally and figuratively. The stains are the past, death but also the beginning; sex, beauty and ugliness at the same time. This collection is also a shout to the world that only wants perfection.

A person becomes more beautiful with a couple of stains. The stains that I filmed are the shapes in my collection, literally stained. The details and the fabrics are influenced by the 80’s and the shops with the working clothes in Vienna, Vienna still got a little bit that atmosphere. My work is a lot about ugly things and horrible feelings where also beauty hides. I try to visualise this so that other people can see it too.


Enjoy your stain.