Ashley Luypaers
graduate of MAFAD Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design


The collection “PEACOCKING” is the result of an artistic research on the manifestation of self-expression within menswear. Central to the designs are the notions of self-expression and individual identity. The collection “PEACOCKING” reflects upon how these notions stand in relation to current fashion, and how male fashion has been limited by traditionally and culturally informed ideas of masculinity.


More often is the male identity a topic for discussions and dialogues, due to evolution and changes within the existing, traditional identity. “PEACOCKING” is a personal translation of these social changes into clothing. Fashion is something that can embody individual identity and personal values, with the opportunity to communicate any strong message through psychical appearance. Therefore, for me, fashion is inherently connected to culture, society and politics.


The collection features traditional tailoring, combined with inspiration from the MMA and (kick)boxing culture, translated into bold prints, fabrics and silhouettes. Challenging traditional norms, associations and expectations of male fashion.


credits: Photographer – Mitch van Schijndel | Model – Joost Maters