Lina Lau
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

A Premium Mediocre Collection

I believe that my Generations’ values have suffered by the means of fashion. Our values are victims of our own perception. What we worship is what is visible on our smart phone screen, which is a minimal depiction of what’s actually there. We desire only what we can see, because we cant feel more touch than our phone screen, when scrolling through the lates advertisements. What is there to see is names, product descriptions and brandings. These aspects have become the key to creating desirability and luxury. From us derived Premium Mediocrity. A manner of taking basic mediocre products and elevating their initial status with marketing or branding. Premium mediocre has become our new luxury. The white Gucci T-Shirt our new Fur Coat. By comparing new with old luxury values, I am reviewing the term luxury. This collection is somewhere between past and present, using elements from the Renaissance to understand where the need for power dressing originated from and ending up somewhere where technical sportswear has left the consumer.Finally this work is as well history as it is present as it is prediction to what and who we value.