Dylan Westerweel
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem

Jack Saul

Jack Saul is inspired by the Victorian rentboy’s beauty and struggle. In a time where homosexuality was much frowned down upon I imagined that, even though this is probably quite an optimistic view, these boys could use their beauty and sexuality to see the world from a perspective that would, if not for their beauty, be a mystery. In this way I viewed their beauty and sexuality as a weapon and a tool, and in that creating the male counterpart for the femme fatale. Everybody is aware of the idea of the female seductress but what if we switch that to a male perspective? Not in the lockerroom, p*ssygrabbing way we know it, but slight of hand and soft of touch. I used the exaggerated male form as a base for my designs with 3D muscle patchwork, cinched waists and built in butts. Classily masculine items are reshaped to emphasize the body in a way which is not the norm. Softer more seductive fabrics are combined with embroidery, hand paintings and 3D structures in florals and anatomical hearts. The color palate consists of pink white and blue, going from very soft handdied cottons to screaming magenta wools.