Niels Brinkman
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


Starting point for this men’s collection ‘Secure-action’ is the song ‘This town ain’ t big enough for the both or us’ from ‘The Sparks’. I wanted to catch the songs dark and oppressive atmosphere in this collection. The central figure in this song is someone that is hunting the quiet streets of a lonely rainy city, but makes sure that he cannot be seen by anyone. He does this by hiding himself in dark alleys.


The collection is about emotions and feelings, and the urge and desire that the central figure needs. The details in this collection come from the fetish culture. I have put these details in the collection. Things like buckles, straps and pressure buttons, give the particular body shapes a special accent.

I have wrapped this person in one particular fabric, so the person actually becomes an object. He is dressed and wrapped in contrasting material, like a latex creature dressed in fur. The fur is compellingly pressed with buckles against his latex body. He does not feel the warmness of the fur-material because of its latex skin. The desire for this feeling of warmness against his skin, that is still not satisfied, drives him into insanity. This insanity then drives him to keep fighting and hunting until he has satisfied his needs. He now comes into conflict with his clothes and his surrounding!