Eva Dimopoulou
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Metron Ariston

Metron Ariston collection is a continuous research for balance between opposing forces such as hard-soft, feminine-masculine, freedom-limit. Cleovoulos, one of the 7 philosophers in Ancient Greece, introduces the measure (metron) as a rule in life but also in art.


Born and raised in Athens, under the bright sun and the geometric shadow of Parthenon, got provided with certain freedom and spirit, which has shaped me so far. One of the most significant values in Greek culture is family. A phrase from my father, who secretly whispered it in my ear the moment of my departure from Greece to the Netherlands has been following me forever: “Whatever you do, wherever you are, never forget who you are and where you come from.”

Based on this saying and consequently on the idea of my Greek roots, Metron Ariston collection is based on research of the Minoan era (Crete) and the 19th century (Greek mainland).

The ultimate aim is to rebrand History, while forming a new trend of reinstating and reproducing the leftovers as new, as well as it means to remind people of the importance of craftsmanship which is an element that holds on to values, morals and beliefs for each nation.