Inge Vaandering
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers evolved from exploring the character of materials, enhancing the tactile traits of the matter – which can be soft or sticky, or responsive to light and shadow. I’m interested in shifting focus from sight to a more bodily perception, which, at this point, mostly includes – the idea of – touch and sound.

In my collection, you find shapes that are often inspired by the simple and functional labour, home, and evening wear from the olden days. The materials used are either quite unusual or more neutral. Fabrics like cotton velvet are dyed and manipulated – inspired by circus and burlesque. Pieces of wool, treated with latex rubber, are crafted in a poncho. Thin paper is glued to cheesecloth and shaped as a parka, which is providing a pleasant noise. By using imagination and everyday images I try to find the tension between garments, objects, and people which should lead to a more imaginative and conscious perception of our feelings and surroundings.