Josja Feld
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

FOCUS, and find yours

Collecting is embedded in our DNA and explores the act of diligently uniting things, arranging them, rank them on color, shape, number or type of material. Collecting entails the quest and the desire of completeness, to enjoy and cherish the things that have been collected with love and undivided attention.

In ‘FOCUS and find yours’ I use my fascination for people that love to collect, to find deeper layers of our consuming behaviours. I see goal oriented collecting as a way of consuming, a strategy, to become more conscious about the way we purchase. I believe that you can only cherish certain things when you have discovered your personal collection. When you learned which (physical) things truly contribute to your happiness.

In my work I embedded the acts and essence of collecting in my own creative process. You will find this in my prints, handmade materials and throughout my whole collection.