Filip Bejek
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam

DeFlower Me

The imagery Filip has collected during his graduation project ended up having a lot of similar elements attached to it, which invited him to look into the most obscure parts of his life, extract the keywords, emotions and visuals which would set him off to creating a very personal and dark formation of a concept.
The story is about showcasing the worst traits human beings possess, which all come from the designers’ different stages in life. Some include abuse, humiliation, sadism…
While researching, Filip concluded that one of the ways to overcome trauma and past experiences is to be confronted with them. As he wanted the collection to be defined from an emotional and not aesthetic point of view, the artist used a medium of clothing and body expression to communicate these emotions. While exploring and finding the right medium to express that, his views were constantly challenged and forced him to analyse his past on a deeper level, with hope, others would find meaning and value in it as well.
This research eventually translated into 8 outfits, that either individually or in a group setting highlight a part of Filip’s life that had a big impact on his way of communicating, thinking, seeing surroundings, dealing with emotions and the list goes on. Through that very research, the symbolism of these negative traits is being used within the collection to work as a confrontational medium for him as well as others. This cluster of outfits from beginning to end is a therapeutical process that leads to liberation at the end. The liberation of Filip and his mind.