Rosa Meulenbeld
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

Jesus' Vagina

Rosa Meulenbeld’s fascination for (fashion) history, social issues and the body drove her to design “Jesus’ Vagina”. Jesus’ Vagina is a fully digital collection that celebrates the female grotesque and explores the limits of the grotesque body.

By researching West-European carnival, Rosa has designed five chemises that symbolize carnivalesque philosophies. From the debunking quality of the lower abdominal stratum to the regenerating power of the womb: The grotesque body serves as a punk symbol for deconstruction in the 21st century.

Digital fashion allows Meulenbeld to play with and exceed the limits of the body, garments and the genderbinary. By playing with these and combining them with historical events, Rosa’s work serves as a distorting mirror to its audience.