Sybrand Jansen
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


Material lives.
And can live more than one life.

It can be rediscovered, and given a new shape.
Each shape is a new chapter, enriched by all the chapters that came before.
Grandfathers worn out chair, relives as a jacket.
Old bedlinen becomes a suit.

Faciebat moves through time: neither finished nor unfinished.

You can see in each garment what it was, what it is and what it might become. A journey becomes visible. An incomplete journey. It is becoming. Just like us.

Sybrand Jansen works on his silhouettes the way a sculptor sculpts. He adds and takes away. Endlessly. He catches his pieces in the process of becoming. Some parts full of refinement, some coarse and robust. The refinement determines the context, and tells about the process of becoming. The raw materiality shows the hand of the maker and the origin of the material. The body determines shape.

Sybrand wants to show the romance in the continuation of a life. And show alternatives in fashion design that encourage the wearer not to see the garment as a static object, but as a fluid being that grows and changes over time.

Forever becoming,