Enzo Aït Kaci
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

360° full rotation

Enzo Aït Kaci, graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2022, grew up in Parisian suburbs without much cultural access. Therefore, he developed a keen interest in internet cultures as a substitute for offline cultures. The internet taught him copy-pasted culture and for Enzo it feels like property evaporates once you are online. There is no limit to what you can download, share and upload. He connected that story of the internet to the fashion process and explored how this freedom of the internet can affect fashion production. He sees himself fundamentally as a researcher. His interest in fashion grew out of the connection between the visual story of clothing and its wearability, as it is an area where imaging, branding and visual communication are intertwined with production and physical pieces. His fashion process reflects on the idea of a garment that moves between digital and physical reality. Prior to his fashion education bachelor’s degree, he completed a graphic design bachelor’s degree with a major in digital communication and branding. It confirmed the interest he has in visual design and storytelling. Using technology and craft, he has produced a visual circuit to develop fabric prints and garments. The garment circulates in an endless cycle, shifting between analog and digital realities: 360° full rotation