Lotte de Jager
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

The Dirt

Lotte de Jager studied Earth Science at the University of Amsterdam prior to entering Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Interned for Jan Hoek and Ninamounah in Amsterdam (2021) and Drawing a Blank art gallery in London (2022) and currently working as gallery manager at Outsiderland in Amsterdam. Being affected by chronic back pains throughout her whole life, Lotte has become invested in connecting to her body and investigating the histories that it harbors. In our global economic system, human bodies as well as plants and animals are being structurally abused, with excruciating inequalities and ecosystem degradation as a result. The fashion industry is heavily implicated in this fast paced system of unequal economic exchange and exploitation.  Rather than spending her design efforts on producing a new collection of garments and shapes, she therefore redesign ways in which she feels we can live fashion moments in a low-emission way. She graduated with a fashion choreography that asks you to reconsider your own body as a centerpiece to the fashion system. By using the human body and movement as my primary fabric I explore ways of relieving the fashion system of its capitalist tendencies.