Rowen Lammers
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts

Love letter to my culture

Rowen Lammers), born and raised in Nijmegen, graduated from the University of the Arts in Utrecht in 2022. After studying fashion for a total of 8 years, including four years at Rijnijssel in Arnhem, she worked her way up in the fashion industry to bring change and motivate and inspire anyone who feels connected to her work. She has done internships at Bas Kosters and at Reconstruct Collective. During her studies, she worked in a vintage store where she made the accessories herself, did a lot of styling work and collaborated with other young emerging designers on a project with Scotch & Soda for Amsterdam Fashion Week. Because of her great interest in art direction, photography and film, she also included this as part of her graduation collection and sees herself more as a creative director. Always looking for the boundary between minimalism and terror and the nostalgic image of the past and the calmness of modernism, Rowen mainly tries to filter the hysteria within her design field until a certain peace and tranquility emerges. ‘Love letter to my culture’ brings Rowen back to a house on the corner of the street, where she grew up. A street in a very small deprived neighborhood. A hysterical vulgar place where the hard core share the same love for football, Andre Hazes, the corner shop and the annual street parties. It reminds her where she’s from, and how it inspired her to be the person and designer she is today.