Signe Grønlund
graduate of Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Reality of the Fool

Signe Grønlund is a fashion designer from Denmark. Before coming to the Netherlands she studied Economics and later Fashion Design at the Royal Danish Academy. In 2022 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. She is fascinated by the masquerade that unfolds every day. Every day people hide behind social masks to belong or just to stand out. In the daily masquerade, symbols of meaning, embedded in our smile, clothing, words, expression and movement become one big melting pot. She is fascinated by this melting pot of expressions and impressions. As a designer, she wants to propose a way of thinking, an approach to making. The aesthetics of her work always come from an urge to change the order and hierarchy of the symbols and values that contain certain objects, through humor and chaos. to explore the poetry in boredom, uniformity and ugliness. Her vision for the future is to find attention, meaning and value in her surroundings: the obvious and ordinary can be a revelation.

In Reality of the Fool, Signe fools around with the ordinary. After all, we are surrounded by the ordinary, but somehow its innate beauty does not capture our attention. Exploring the poetry in boredom, uniformity and ugliness by fooling around with ordinary utilitarian objects. By playing with these objects and by presenting them in a fashion context, she subverts the perception of these as merely functional and exalt them to a state of poetic hyper ordinarity.