Tara Hollander
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


Tara Hollander graduated from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in 2022. During her internship at G-Star RAW she developed herself as a technical designer, specializing in concept & product development. Her graduation collection Skin-deep is about her fascination for the anatomy of the human body. She believes that clothing should be much more connected to this and sees clothing as a second skin. Just as skin covers the beauty of anatomy, clothing covers the beauty of skin. Therefore, she wants to design clothes that cover the body in a valuable way. It is her ambition to work in a place where there is the freedom to translate unique concepts into beautifully made clothing that can still be worn. In this way, her clothes will be taken out into the world instead of only being interesting as an art form, because clothes should be able to be worn by all kinds of people. Following this, her goal is to have her own brand, to really be able to translate her vision into individual designs that fit the customer perfectly like a second skin.