Danny Cremers
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


Inspired on the 1996 Susan Streitfeld movie ‘Female Perversions’, about a neurotic female lawyer whose days are a tightrope act between extreme eloquence and frosty toughness on the one side, and scaring vulnerability on the other, I tried to capture this state of mind.


My collection consists of outfits based on the classic deux-piece. At first sight, my deux-piece doesn’t differ that much from the regular one. But when you take a closer look, the silhouettes when seen from the side are almost aggressive in their femininity. There’s an accent on the breast-area and there is volume at the front of the top of the skirts. Fabrics usually used for fluid dresses are treated with a glue-like coating, which makes them hard and stiff. Some parts of the pieces are left untreated; this gives even the most overconstructed look a flowy appeal.

Hundreds of meters of gold embroidered ribbon usually used for finishings and decorations are sewn together to create fabric. On top of this, some outfits are decorated with dozens of strings of pearls. For this, I got my inspiration from the Imperial eggs of Peter Carl Fabergé, who let the decoration overshine the actual object. To capture the duality in the inspiration I used pearly whites to contrast the various shades of gold. To make even the gold outfits have an austere rigidness. My collection also features jewelry based on ossuaria (objects made out of bones, like candlesticks and sometimes even complete churches). The jewelry is made out of faux-pearls, metal findings and lots of chicken bones.