Oda Pausma
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


My final collection is inspired on the timid dandy Fernando Pessoa. Vaguely, subtly and complex. These are the words which define Fernando Pessoa (1888 – 1935), poet and writer most. Fernando Pessoa, mysteriously as the moon in the afternoon. A phantasm in silence. Inventor of other poets, destroyer of himself. A poet continuously in doubt concerning the reality of this world. Constantly looking for his own “I”.


Pessoa left us much prose and poetry. ‘Sporen van een schaduw’ (tracks of a shade) is how Octavio Paz called the treasury, found in Pessoa’s apartment in Lissabon, filled with never before released work. ‘Sporen van een schaduw’ is the title of my final collection. Pessoa’s work exists most of all out of heteronym work, this is work released under a other name for another “I”. Pessoa was an extremist in using the masks of heteronymics. The feeling of having several personalities is what drew my interest.


‘In ons leven tallozen;
Ik weet niet, als ik denk

Of voel, wie denkt of voelt.

Ik ben de plaats slechts waar

Gevoeld wordt of gedacht.

Ik heb meer dan één ziel,

Meer ikken dan ikzelf.’

My collection is created by using a large form of stratification. This by using transparent tops and trousers, by layering several garments in one outfit, or by creating an illusion that one garment exists out of more. The collection has a tailored look inspired on de timid dandy. Some of the garments are provided with poems or prose of Fernando Pessoa. By using the materials; silk, silk blends, cotton, wool, leather, suede, fur and Maria pendants in the colours; night bleu, silvery grey and several gold shades, the collection is formed. My final collection, based on a very intriguing person, Fernando Pessoa. Vaguely, subtly and complex.