Melody Deldjou Fard
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


Fashion is for me to communicate. To touch people with a poetic language, understandable for everyone no matter colour or culture. To discuss social topics through the art of fashion (collections: BodyBags 2005, Child Prostitution 2006). My fashion concerns particularly the vulnerability of people and interaction with contemporary society. I love fashion that dares to break the rules and can build again from the beginning. A fashion that calls for discussion about what fashion is. Fashion that offers people new insights and inspires.


My last collection BodyMerging asks questions concerning the relation between the human body and technological progresses. How do I see the future: will people be dressed in technological treated clothes, will the vulnerability of people change by technique? Accessories, bodies and clothes are all merged.

The organs hang outside of the body as abstract forms. The human body has been transformed to an empty cotton doll (during the original show 2 models carry these dolls with clothes to the stage). Each dress carries a name: Heart, Backbone, Lung dress etc. The fabrics have been woven with metal threads, or have been made by iron constructions.

In BodyMerging I search for the borders of fashion and art and make fashion from a conceptual point of view. The original runway show with cotton dolls, material choices and the garment shapes are all part of the concept of this collection.