Lana Lin Turina
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht


The idea of my final collection is based on the movie “Science of sleep”.

For Stefane the world is grey and boring. Fortunately there are dreams that put a spell on him and send him to a different world. He is the hero in his colourful universe of paper-maché. He is moving weightlessly between two worlds. A magic, light and exciting at the same time. Suddenly the real world is no more grey but full of colours. Reality and dream are turned upside down?


My collection will be fashion, which mixes up dream and reality. A basic collection, leisure and wearable, that will be completed with ‘dream- items’. Clothes, you always wanted while being a child, just cut and made from paper and cardboard, without considering front, back or fit. The gap between haute couture and pret à porter gets bigger. By combining wearable fashion items with huge dreamobjects, I want to create a collection which emphasizes this topic and carries it to extremes! The combination of dreams and reality in a literal way, appears absurd and exaggerated.

Papp per la papp is my view on clothing. I think fashion should be comfortable and support a person’s character: wearable clothes with interesting finishings and details, made from good quality fabrics. But still, you should sometimes cross your borders and just go crazy; dare big gestures and try something new. Collages and a sense of humour helped to find the proper shape and the appropriate material. Mainly paper and cardboard are used, because todays society is focusing on organic sources. On the other hand, why not use a recyclable material for fashion that comes and goes that fast anyway!