Itske van Deursen
graduate of Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam


My collection is a summer collection for women. This collection of coats, dresses and overalls is based on cold and grey summers. The coats as well as the colours represent that cold feeling, where the dresses represent the freedom of the summer because of the light and smooth fabrics.

My survey about details in menswear made me reconsider the placing of them. To maintain the sober and modest feeling of my collection I chose to minimize the use of details. Therefore I only used them in the coats. ‘Blue eyes grey skies’ is a minimalistic, sober and introvert collection that gives an alienating feeling by the use of shape, prints and accessories. ‘Blue eyes’ stands for the summer and the timid woman I designed my collection for. ‘Grey skies’ tells something about the ambience of the collection: sober in colour and shape.