Hyun Yeu
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


The collection I am showing at Amsterdam International Fashion Week started from the story I wrote with drawings. It’s the story of a girl that thinks she is a plant. She is a romantic girl, tied in with nature, but she is also a schizophrenic. I focused on the mental symptoms she’s having: double vision, hallucinations, illusions and thinking disorder. I imagined what she would wear and tried to create a new wardrobe for her. Her clothes are double visioned, she has a disordered way of dressing. To be able to make that, I used a lot of layering and big forms. I created the forms by using unique sewing techniques without any supporting materials.

The various vivid colours I used, reflect her emotional imbalance and mood swings. The combination of different coloured transparant materials, created a mysterious atmosphere. By using transparrant and delicate materials I tried to caputere her fragility and double visions. Her clothes are freaky yet aesthetic.


I was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. After studying, working and living in Australia for 8 years, I moved to Holland to become the creator I always wanted to be. After four years studying at Rietveld, I am again one step closer.