Elsien Gringhuis
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


My inspiration for this collection is my fascination for our consuming behavior. I’m fascinated by the esthetic of the manufactured landscapes that are one of the consequences of it. The extreme size of our industrial revolution, the rhythm of it, and the way it (will) infect us somehow.It also has to do with overpopulation of human being. We all need /want things like; food, clothes, cars, refrigerators, computers, cell phones, a place to live etc etc. So, how big is your footprint? Is there any space left? Is there a limit for the amount of people our earth can bear?


I’ve translated this concept/fascination to a chic, elegant and industrial looking woman’s collection. It is sharp, strong, elegant and tailored. By using organic, pure and natural fabrics in combination with artificial furniture fabrics and paper, I’ve created a contrast which shows us the power of our industry and at the same time how vulnerable it is…and we are as well.

The over all silhouette I will call ‘squared elegance’. It’s ingenious in its simplicity. My design approach is quite architectural, (but it has to be wearable); I like to see a garment as a small elegant building. You have to live in it as well! Mostly I don’t like to use colors, because it will distract from the essence. That’s why I used only white, grey and black except one item: the orange lacquer coat. I choose for this color because its stands for vitality, optimism and at the same time can be a sign of warning.