Ratna Ho
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


Inspired by the so-called bad taste I started searching for something that normally annoys me. By investigating its origin and looking for the deeper meaning of its shapes I gradually discovered that tribal tattoos were a grateful subject to begin the process with. Whereas tribal tattoos are normally associated with tough muscled men, I translated them into fantasy panty hoses and pleated skirts. The use of a My Little Pony color palette creates an even bigger gap between the inspiration and the outcome of the collection.

Raised by parents with both different cultural backgrounds I have always been interested in cultural phenomena. There was always room for imagination and creativity: as a young kid I started sewing mermaid-tails out of left-over fabric my mother gave me, as well as animal dolls. From my 12th birthday on, after getting a sewing machine for a present, the real work could commence: dresses, skirts, t-shirts and so on. I can’t remember a day without wanting to create.