Nathanya Zwart
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


During my 5-month stay in London last year I got inspired by the multidisciplinary lifestyle and fashion sense of a particular type of men in the East End of London. I started a visual and written research into ‘New Dandyism’ for my final dissertation during which I fell in love with these men. They became my muses for my final collection. Second Nature refers to their lifestyle and attitude towards fashion and beauty, which is not a masquerade or the result of nature or nurture alone but has grown to be second nature to them, their identity.


Like myself these men aim to renew themselves and strive for individuality and craftsmanship. They present themselves as pieces of art and are not afraid to consider themselves beautiful. This passion and playful freedom and curiosity are key ingredients to this collection. Body posture, personal characteristics and a personal styling allow the garments to become tools of empowerment and form a personal signature. These men share my love for exploring boundaries between masculinity and femininity, the male body and questioning beauty.

The industrial environment of the East End is an important source of inspiration for me with its beautiful artworks, industrial elements, decay, vintage markets and artist collaborations. With power and passion as my key values my work captures elements from the street as well as classical tailoring and fashion history, ranging from the exaggerated shapes of the dandy caricatures to the voluminous royal and military attire of the Middle Ages.