Marina Krunic
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


During my internship in Antwerp I stumbled upon a book titled ‘Aftermath; Bosnia’s long road to peace’.  The book tells us about the impact of war in Bosnia; a war in which everything seems to had lead to death trails and nothing positive was to be seen.  I found myself intrigued as a result of my own ‘black’ history.


I found my inspiration for this collection in photos of surroundings that seem dead at first glance, but with a deeper look still carry life within itself. There is always a source of light that leads us to places where hope lives. This perspective in combination with my experiences and emotions formed the basis for my concept called ‘Black is not as black as it seems’. 
Translating the negative into a purified and positive image with light as the centre that expels the negativity. A radiation of light is created with striking and energizing colours.

The collection feels light due to transparent and supple fabrics as silk jersey and silk chiffon with subtle blending colours. Opposite of the tissue-like fabrics are the heavy ones like rigid, thick leather and wool that create a sturdy look. Fur also plays an important role in this collection, as it refers to a warm and soft look with a feeling of security.