Manon Boertien
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


I like my work to be personal. My own experiences and memories form the starting point for my collections. This graduate collection is about my personal search for happiness. Everyone looks for happiness in his or her own way. I try to find this feeling in love, youth, religion, sex and orgasms, colours, new age and trust. For example: I used the positive memories of the religion I grew up with and translated that spiritual feeling, with a sense of humour, into shapes and colours.

Window cristals are the inspiration for my prints. I like the coloured rays of sunlight it reflects in my room and it is  said that these crystals give positive energy. I made photos with the crystal used as a lens and used these strange,  distorted images in my prints. In the “Lichting ’09” a selection of this personal quest in shape, prints and colours is presented.