graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


Malousebastiaan was founded in 2008 by two young designers named Malou Verharen and Ferdinand S Hartgers. Together they studied at the University for Arts in Utrecht. They finished their studies with the start of their label: malousebastiaan.


The starting point for the SS10 collection is the search for a “place without borders”. The fascination of the designers for the atmosphere inspired the central theme for the SS10 collection: Globular. Globular means round, as the round shape fits closest to the feeling the young designers have of the atmosphere.

The round shape does not have a start or a finishing point. The outfits are ultra feminine with a floating sensation but at the same time powerful. In order to emphasize this sensation, “blown up” pieces of boiled sheep, goat and deer leather are used. ‘Malousebastiaan’ is characterized by the usage of hand-dyed materials.