Kai Salomon
graduate of Academy of Fine Art / Zuyd University, Maastricht


Inspired by the old Wild West, I wanted to explore how today’s perception of that past has evolved and transformed into something new. How do people experience this period in their own imagination? Which rules do I have to apply to make the old look new again? I play with history, perceptions and imagination.


Like a piece of abstract art, I like to consider my clothes as being part of a collection that can be interpreted in various ways. My work has no ultimate truth. I aim to reach people that don’t necessarily have the same opinions and bring them together. 
In my menswear collection this vision is translated in the usage of a variety of colors and materials in every piece, whilst remaining a sense of unity.

This mix of unity and diversity is very important to me, because it resembles real life in so many ways. And just like humans have, I want my collection to have a life on it’s own.
Menswear is ready to get next level. With my collection I’d like to be part of that next stage in fashion.