Erna Einarsdottir
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


The idea behind this collection was to capture the raw and powerful force of protestors who suffered from the economic crisis In Iceland.


I created a wonder woman who serves as Iceland’s new identity; a woman who combines raw emotions with elegance. Her attitude is mixed with feelings of anger and frustration and a delicate self-assurance and pride.


Nobody cares where she comes from or where she is going.  With her, all that matters is the moment, and in that moment she is the tough rebel and the daring revolutionary that demands your attention.  She articulates a nation in dire strait, revels in its intense situation and exudes the power of a leader… and you will follow!

The edge of the collection lies in the textiles.  To capture the unique and powerful spirit of this new wonder woman she needed to have a completely fresh look.  To achieve this, I researched and created my own textiles.  The hand woven chains and knits and the reworked denim fabrics look tough and rugged, but when you take a closer look you can see that they are refined and actually quite stunning. As the textiles are treated and worn they get a life of their own. They start to tear and break, the weight of the chains constantly changes the form and they get messed up. This collection represents the perfect combination of wonder woman’s strong personality and aggressive attitude.