Ann Boogaerts
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


Winner G-Star RAW Talent Award 2009


The young Fabiola – the Belgian queen – is my muse for this collection. To be more specific; Fabiola in 1958, when she attended the World Fair in Brussels, Belgium. Her way of dressing was characteristic for the Belgian bourgeoisie; neat collars, sober colors, skirts just above the knee, lots of embroidery, jewels, big hair and luxurious materials. And then….


Queen Fabiola falls in love with a Dutch man. She is struggling with her own cultural background and the one from her new lover. Suddenly she’s experiencing the constructive arts of Mondriaan and Rietveld, and all the bright colors and

weird shapes in Holland make her head spin! Her wardrobe is beginning to change in angular shapes in very bright colors with, in each outfit, a touch of her past (for example, a lasered collar, or embroidery on socks).


The collection starts with colors of the Belgian flag…after the third outfit the colors change…and it ends with a wedding dress. In blue-white-red. She has chosen for her Dutch love.