Elena Pereira
graduate of Utrecht School of the Arts


In a world like this what is still handwritten? Unless we try to find back what we have forgotten and remember what we lost. When I search for character in clothing I find that the clothing makes the person which is so unique. Let the outside reflect the inside. I see that people look more like puppets and puppets start looking more and more like people. Nowadays people are looking for perfection although imperfection makes it more interesting and triggers the mind. Time is the only thing which we can’t control.

So I let time show its fingerprints on my clothing.By using old and found things, I try to find what was forgotten. If something becomes old it has a story to tell and it becomes more fascinating because it has developed a history of its own. In a world of overconsumption I believe that people want real things that reflect their individuality. Because no one is really identical to another as we are all unique and so are our clothes.