Janneke Verhoeven
graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem


Imagine the scent of a city after rain, the whole city recovering, coming alive again, shaking off the raindrops. The old is gone; washed away to make space for the new. New smells, new silhouettes, bright colours and new ideas. The city shining through the last raindrops. Ready for the new, the young and the bright.


That brief moment between the last drops of rain and the first ray of sunlight is what I’m trying to catch in this collection. A balance between the grey of rain and the brightness of the sun breaking through the clouds. A balance between the traces of the old things in life and the things that are new and push the world a new step forward and keep the world sharp and critical.

With a lot of heavy, but thin jerseys and see through silks, I tried to create a long silhouette with a lot of weight on the bottom. To give the collection a stronger and more robust feeling I used a thick white leather, which I gave the same weighty silhouette, by cutting it horizontally. Because of wet top layers, layers underneath become visible. In this collection I made prints, which I placed on the underlayers, by using see through fabrics for top layers, the prints get just a little bit visible.


These clothes should give one a feeling of coming alive again, to forget about the past and give you new strength to start your own future and to create your own new world…