Lisanne Stoop
graduate of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Amsterdam


My collection is about origin. The origin of the human being and its lost connection to the world and its other inhabitants. It is about the tension that exists between humans and animals that originates in an unsetteling awareness of the lost animal that our unconsciousness recognises inside us. We admire the beauty and strenght of an animal, but this admiration confuses us and therefore we try to repress it and place ourselves above them.

I have used animal references in shape, texture and materials (like horse hair and fur from reindeer, Tibetan lamb, fox and rabbit). For me, fur symbolizes the tension of the human admiration versus supression of the animal. The silhouette of my collection is dominated by big shoulders. They symbolise futurisme versus primitve animalism. I wanted to combine the unique feature of mankind (intelligence) with his animal origin. The colours vary from dark tones of black and grey, a hint of oceanlike green, milky white and poetic orangy pink…