Tony Marcus Sacharias
graduate of Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam


Starting point for this collection is the imperfect human, in whom I find beauty. My concept presents a reaction to the cosmetic industry that encourages us to strive for perfection by using certain products, whether it is a cream, botox or liposuction. Wrinkles and bags below the eyes  should be removed and fat should be eliminated.


In this collection I have concentrated on those parts of the body we want to conceal or alter the most.  I’ve emphasized these ‘flaws’ by starting with regular oversized clothing and moulded this material in a new form that presents a new vision on the same oversized garment. I didn’t cut away any fabric, but rolled my materials to create new shapes.

Rolls are shown and secured by the usage of clips that construct the total garment. Skin disorders like vitiligo, keloid, albinism and excessive hairgrow formed the inspiration for my choice of fabrics.


In this collection I want to show my fascination for the imperfect human, how I look at people, approach them and use them as a starting point in my work.


Photo: Dimitri van Hoewijk