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Our aim is to let the student discover what kind of designer they are. What are you good at? Is there space for further development? Students like to see themselves as the classic designer creating an entire collection at their own atelier even their own shops such as Sjaak Hullekes (nice new shop in Den Hague or Peet Dullaert(webshop) we prefer them to really start working at a company first. We work on the alliance between wear ability and experiment.




The teaching team is more in favour of the development of specific talent or a more personal profile. Standing out by specializing or filling a niche. That is what we have developed further in recent years, for instance with the specialization of knitting: better machines, better teachers, more attention for technique and material development and so on. In the future, we will be turning out designers with a clear specialization.




In addition, we are also keen to know whether the students are curious, display passion and commitment and are prepared to explore. If a talent already present can be developed. Because even if your designs are fantastic, you need many other skills to become a good designer.


Piece of Advice
Don’t start your own business right away, go and work in a company first—you don’t know anything yet! Don’t have too many pretensions—be unassuming and eager to learn. Be ambitious!!


A good indicator of the level at which students are turned out in the Netherlands.


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