Mariette Hoitink—Managing Director HTNK


    For me, Lichting is a pure feeling of pride. But also literally Pride—it’s a celebration of talent.


    The moment that all the participants appear on the catwalk with models wearing their key outfits always makes my heart skip a beat. We have often known the participants for quite some time at HTNK from lectures or selection committees at the academies. After they are selected for Lichting by their senior lecturers, they are offered workshops at HTNK relating to portfolio and presentation to get them ready for their début in the fashion industry. Once the portfolios and branding texts are perfect and Joost van Bellen and Sander Stenger—Star Studded Studios—have worked with them to create mind-blowing music, Joanne Schouten, Bas Andrea and Nathalie Haelermans have put on a fantastic show production and Team Peter Stigter makes his unprecedented images, I am unDutchly proud. This was also my personal motivation 10 years ago, together with James Veenhoff, to let the Lichting concept we had conceived become reality: I thought it was important for the HTNK network, the industry, to see the talent present in the Netherlands.

    And at the same time to create an awareness that they could also make a contribution by training and hiring juniors internally. It is part of our culture not to shout at the tops of our voices what are we good at, but for the development of our relatively young fashion industry, it is very important that we continue to make visible how fast we are growing. The academies are making great strides. In spite of being a small country with a relatively large number of academies, we are able to operate increasingly well at an international level. With involvement from Het Nieuwe Instituut, this has also become tangible by inviting Dutch international successes to take their place in the Lichting panel of experts. The support of Mercedes-Benz and partnership with Fashion Week makes the basis complete for developing Lichting further in the future. I am looking forward to it. Lichting is a project of HTNK Fashion Recruitment & Consultancy and FashionWeek Nederland, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz and the New Institute.

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