Rob Zomer  / General Manager Fashionweek Nederland


    After seven years of Lichting we can look back on a successful event that has gradually grown into a programme where young fashion students make their first acquaintance with the industry. FWN sees Lichting as providing an enormous contribution to the summer programme and also as a highlight. When the first edition began, the energy was picked up well and quickly by the press. Not only because we have talent but especially due to the added value of bringing together talent from different fashion academies on our nations´ most prolific catwalk platform at Mercedes Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam. Its visibility was not just limited to the press in the room, but to all the professionals in the Fashion Industry, in part due to HTNK‘s extensive network. A not insignificant effect worth mentioning is that designers were offered work directly or the prize could be used for a Masters study or the first step in creating their own label.



    It is an intimate setting that calls for greater respect for creativity, smaller collections and beginners’ mistakes. In turn, it has led to the Friday of this summer, which has been received favourably. Supporting talent is one of FWN’s ambitions, in addition to presenting the big shows of labels and commercial parties. Lichting has had a fostering effect in this area. Which is why FWN is still immensely proud of this podium. With its development to an national panel with an international view and the involvement of parties such as HTNK and Mercedes-Benz, we’re talking about a fantastic event here. For FWN, the collaboration is also a route we would like to take in formulating a vision for the future.

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