• Q&A Gerrit Jan Vos, WDKA
02-06-2013Gerrit Jan Vos is Course Director Fashion at The Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

We train the ‘designers behind the labels’. The emphasis lies on developing an individual vision and design signature. The central focus of the study is the development of future perspectives and their visualization in physical garments and/or collections where fashion designers apply their creative and critical vision to reflect on current developments in the profession and/or society as large.


Is there a difference in what kind of students you have now, compared to seven years ago?
Yes we have more men collections we are now at about 50/50 percent, this is a positive development.-


What are the most important steps in development young designer after the Academy?
Information about the fashion field, rethink their position, were are the niches in the field, stay open and curios, and how to handle the upcoming twitter and re-linking trend of not naming the brand and designers, ‘’the I likes’’ can be killing for young professionals when their names are not being named.


How do you think fashion design in The Netherlands will develop coming years?
I strongly believe in small none institutional events, fashion for the masses is over and out, crossovers are in, the’’ pause-clown’’ is dead. Created your own niche.


Can you name one aspect a Lichting candidate should have?
Curiosity and knowledge without borders, reduce the influence of models and their behaviour What areyour personal skill and ways of thinking, what makes you special.


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