• Q&A Rita Suers (ABK Maastricht)
24-06-2013Ambition is a thing all Lichting candidates should have.

Image: Josine Heuts


Is there a difference in what kind of students you have now, compared to seven years ago?

No not really. We attract people who are interested in designing but not specifically in fashion. They want to make clothes as their way of expression.


What are the most important steps in the development of a  young designer after the Academy?

Finding a job in a suitable company (or even a less suitable for a while!). Experience in the Industry is to us the first and most important step to start a solid career. When you do not succeed in that right away, don’t lose hope, take time to plan next steps, be inventive.


How do you think fashion design in The Netherlands will develop coming years?

There will be big changes in the coming years. Our industry is hit hard by the crisis, which probably will last for a while . Sales is hard, companies close down, multibrandstores will be replaced by monobrand stores etc. Amd don’t forget the enormous growth of internet sales. So the whole fashion landscape will change. There is a lot of talent in Holland, there are lots of initiatives to promote. But to get this into business, will be really difficult. But I think future designers will find new ways to do so!


Can you name one aspect a Lichting candidate should have?



Graduation show

Two years ago we decided to stop the show, which was a big step. By now we focus on presentation and exhibition.

There is a video coming out and next year we start our online presentation, finding new ways to present our students to a bigger audience.



Data: 4 July till 7 July

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