• Q&A Maarten van der Horst
20-06-2013Maarten van der Horst is one of the Lichting 2013 panel members and participated in Lichting in 2008.

Was it always your dream to start to start your own label?
I never dreamed about having a “label”, actually selling clothes with my name in the neck. I was obsessed with image makers like Jean-Paul Goude, illustrators, stylists, it was always more about ideas, creating a visual language.
I realised during work placements that there weren’t a lot of people who’s vision I shared, which made me want to do an MA and focus on developing my opinions and my own ideas.
And after finishing studying, I found out that the thing I wanted to say was interesting enough for people to want to listen to. Which resulted in selling clothes!


Which moment was very important in your development so far?
The first moment someone believed in me.


Do you have a piece of advice for the new Lichting participants how they can prepare best for Lichting?
Yeah, sort out your shoes. And make a killer soundtrack.