• Q&A Peter Leferink (AMFI)
05-07-2013Head of fashion AMFI about his nominations


Is there a difference in what kind of students you have now, compared to seven years ago?
Absolutely! Kids nowadays react completely different on learning and achieving. It is sometimes hard for them to deal with the complexities of this -fashion- world. But their ambitions, stamina and talent only get bigger.


What are the most important steps in development young designer after the Academy?
Use reality to achieve dreams.


How do you think fashion design in The Netherlands will develop coming years?
More creativity, broader aims, online growth but offline new fashion worlds will be created.


Who did you select for Lichting this year?

We chose two young designers that are outspoken, Jazz Kuipers and Anne van den Boogaard. Clear in their vision, convincing in their handwriting; with a take it or leave it attitude. Not afraid to make a statement, to stand out. For them it is not the time to sit and wait for the world to get better.., For AMFI it is the right moment to choose for these distinct collections, for two powerful personalities that aim for nothing less than world domination:)