• Participant 2013 Dewi Bekker
06-07-2013KABK nominated Dewi with her collection ‘I would like to drink beer high among the Aesir’

Photography: Imke Ligthart and Henri Verhoef
Model: Jip Loots


Why did you decide to study fashion design?
To be honest, I have no idea. I just knew that I wanted to study fashion design and I was eagir to learn anything about it. So I guess that somehow I just felt passionate about it.


Name one of your inspirations


What will be your next step after Lichting?
I would like to start my own label and if it is possible I would like to get some more workingexperience beside that as well.


About the collection
‘I would like to drink beer high among the Aesir’

After reading lots of myths and fairy tales, I wondered what attracted me to these stories. Besides the fantasy elements, everyday life and humor are key ingredients as well. While designing, I love to play around with these themes.

My menswear collection represents the ultimate balance of fantasy, everyday life and humor. I wanted to catch the feeling I get when reading fairy tales. This resulted in a collection full of experimental elements in classic garments. Surprising materials like tape, cork, felt and plastic beads add to the surrealistic mood of the garments. A bright color palette highlights my playful view on menswear.