• Participant 2013 Anneleen Bertels
09-07-2013Nominated by ArtEZ with her collection Dreammachine

Photo: Louise te Poele


Why did you decide to study fashion design?

During my former study of architecture and interior design I felt the need to create smaller, more fragile and moving ‘objects’. I have always been fascinated by textiles and structures, and how they influence shape and form. My perception of the role as a fashion designer goes far beyond everything, and contains every action in our life. Creativity has no borders and we have to outbid all disciplines. As we shape our own life and our own thoughts, everyone is at the same time his own creator and master. For me it is very important to create my own laboratory, and translate it into a new view on clothing. For me fashion is really interesting because it is an eternal dialogue with a new reality and a new state of human being and mind.


Name one of your inspirations

The dreammachine, 3D-collages of Manray and a half cut-off person disappearing in his surrounding. These 3 images create one atmosphere, which is all about shadow, overshadow, twisting, negative-positive, layered, and sharpness cutting through softness.


What will be your next step after Lichting?

I will book a ticket to Tokyo to show my portfolio to Comme Des Garçons. I admire their creative ways of both visualizing and deconstructing shapes and forms, and I would love to be part of their team for a while. Another goal is to assist Raf Simons at Dior, because I think the female image he creates is really fresh and intelligent. I would love to experience a big couture house, and I am convinced that the Dior of today is a perfect place to develop my tools.
Together with a group of classmates we will present ourselves as a collective named “The Much Much” during Paris Fashion Week in september 2013.  The Much Much represents individuality, creativity and ambition. We are planning some big events and will show our work in a mobile showroom.


About the collection


Who is the Dreammachine?
The quality and meaning of clothing, as well as the modern translation of its function in the future, is really important to me. The development of new tools will allow us to see nature in a different way. It will bring up new colours, shapes and forms. It is an eternal dialogue with a new reality and a new state of human being and mind. I am fascinated by the interaction between handcrafts and textiles, and how they can influence fabric and silhouette.

My collection ‘who is the dream machine’ reflects on the interaction between human beings and space. How do our surroundings influence our mood, actions, experience and behaviour? What can we hide and what can we reveal? The woman of my collection is both female and male. It is more about being a being by discovering and uncovering different parts of the body.

Silhouettes are cut in two pieces and put together again. Everything is turning around or moving to one direction. As if the person is twisted by its own personality and personal space.

My collection is also about the search for our basic needs in the future. How will we play with luxury? To me it’s a clash, resulting in a luxurious utility. A love for individuality and distaste for mass. I am convinced that tactility, along with colour and structure, is going to play an important role in the future.